Preparing For Your First Grand Canyon R3 (rim-to-rim-to-rim)

Most of us have one crazy thing on our bucket list that we can’t wait to conquer and cross off, right? For me, running/fast hiking across the Grand Canyon was definitely one of mine! I knew I wasn’t going to be satisfied just visiting this natural wonder and looking at it from the rim. I… Continue reading Preparing For Your First Grand Canyon R3 (rim-to-rim-to-rim)

Picacho Peak Run

Off one of the most boring drives along I-10 in between Phoenix & Tucson sits an iconic peak. It sorta marks that halfway point along the drive and rises up 1500′ quite triumphantly in the distance. It’s a popular place for RV’s and campers alike with some great trails for all different levels of abilities… Continue reading Picacho Peak Run

Fit, Flirty…and FUN!

I’ve always loved working out and have been in the fitness industry for 25 years! I love how things have evolved, both from a scientific aspect & from a fashionista’s point of view! Let’s face it, the thong leotards and tights are long gone and have yet to make a comeback, right? Now that’s some… Continue reading Fit, Flirty…and FUN!

Legs for Leadville

Leadville is an awesome and challenging race with so much history! Running above 10,000’ is no joke, either! What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger!!🙌

Lessons Learned

Running offers us so much in ways of enriching our lives! You have to focus on the big picture & not nitpick every run!