Keeping Fitness Fun!

During the holidays, life can get crazy!  But, when the kids are home from school, it is the perfect opportunity to play!  It’s what comes naturally to kids and sometimes as adults, we forget how fun it can be!

My husband is a big kid at heart and loves to organize our family into fun games after our big Thanksgiving meal!  We usually start with a game like Bocce, where everyone can play from the little kids on up to the grandparents!  It just feels good to get up out of that chair and move around after enjoying all of that delicious food!  It doesn’t really matter what you are doing!

Fun for all ages!!

Then, we usually move onto a game like Flag Football or Kickball!  The younger ones love it and we can even manage to get some of the older adults to play, too!  We don’t make them run as much and the younger ones know to be more careful when playing with them.  Everyone has a big laugh and it ends up being so much fun!  Everyone is a winner at this point and getting a big laugh out of it, too!


The weather out here in the Southwest is just perfect in the Fall.  Temperatures are perfect to go out on nice hikes in the mountains and you don’t have to worry about the young ones overheating.  It just feels nice to be outside and to be together in the warm sunshine.  You can select any level of hike depending on who you would like to include.  My older kids are capable of hiking longer distances and my youngest just gets excited over using his own Camelbak, but is not capable of going on super difficult or long hikes.  But, it is still so much fun to spend time together and seeing them all having fun!  That’s what it is all about!

My little hiking buddy!



I find that when we just get moving, everyone loosens up and has a great time.  It often creates some of our most laughable and memorable moments!

I encourage you to involve your loved ones and get moving this holiday season!  You’ll all feel better in the long run!




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