How I will Accomplish My Fitness Goals for this week!

As we kick off this holiday season, not only do I want to stay sane, but I want to stay in shape!  I intend on doing this by keeping up my regular fitness routine, no matter what!  Holidays, shopping, work, too much spending…it all can add up to a lot of stress! I truly believe that fitness is an amazing and fun way to keep that stress in check!  It is a great outlet for your emotions, plus, if you keep those unwanted holiday pounds from creeping up… you’ll feel so much more in control and happier when you put that fancy little holiday dress on for New Year’s Eve!

The first thing to stay ahead of holiday stress and eating too many goodies is by planning out your week in advance!  Sit down on Sunday, look at what you’ve got coming up during the next five days and plan ahead!  Not only plan ahead, but write it down!  It will make such a difference when you take a little time to do this and see it in writing!  Write down when you’ll work out and what you plan on doing.  Maybe schedule in a new workout or class that you’ve been wanting to try.  If you have a hard time sticking to it, ask a friend to join you!

Also, plan out your meals or at least keep a food log!  There are so many options to do it online, use an app on your phone, or just old-fashioned pen and paper works great!  Find what works for you and I can guarantee that you’ll think about reaching for another piece of pumpkin pie or Christmas cookie if you have to keep track of it and be accountable.  Those extra calories can add up quickly!

My fitness goal for this week is to take a couple days off from running since I just did a race this weekend.  I want to include more time for stretching and recovery and then see how I’m feeling by the end of the week.  I have a marathon in about a month, so I don’t want to take too much time off, but definitely want to recover and come back stronger!  Here’s what my workout schedule will look like this week:

  • Monday:  60 minutes Spinning, 25 minutes of foam rolling and stretching.
  • Tuesday:  105 minutes of Body Pump, 20 minutes of foam rolling and stretching
  • Wednesday:  50 minutes of running, 60 minutes Spinnning, 10 minutes stretching
  • Thursday:  105 minutes of Body Pump, 15 minutes stretching and foam rolling, 45 minutes running
  • Friday:  40 minutes of running, 105 minutes of Body Pump

So my goal for this week is 540 minutes of fitness!  I plan on tracking and posting my fitness to stay accountable!  Let’s get this holiday season rolling and cheers to staying in shape during the most challenging part of the year!