Mighty Nut Powdered Peanut Butter: A Review

Are you a peanut butter fanatic like me?  I love it on anything or just by the spoonful!  However, I do feel a bit guilty knowing that it is not a low calorie or low fat food, so I am careful in what I’mIMG_7533 adding it into and just how much.

Have you considered trying a powdered peanut butter like Mighty Nut?  All the flavor with 85% less fat calories than traditional peanut butter, 5-6g of protein and only 1-1.5g of fat!!  Hard to believe, right?  It is perfect for adding flavor to your favorite smoothie recipe or for baking!  They also are available in four different flavors:  Original, Vanilla, Chocolate, and Flax and Chia.  I tried out the Original and Chocolate flavors.

IMG_7515IMG_7517I first opened the Original powered peanut butter and rehydrated it with water just to see what it would look and taste like.  It’s very simple, you just add 1 Tbsp of water to 2 Tbsp of Mighty Nut.  Since it is missing the fat, it is not as creamy as peanut butter, but still has the right consistency for spreading or adding to your favorite recipe.  I found that if I added a little more water, it was even better for dipping!

I also added it to my favorite smoothies!  I love the flavor of peanut butter, chocolate protein powder, and a banana, so I tried it using Mighty Nut.  It came out great and was much lower in fat and calories, which was a plus since I have officially kicked off my racing season and like to keep my weight down!  It came out creamy and delicious and I didn’t miss any of the fat or calories!  The Chocolate Mighty Nut Flavor was also perfect in smoothie recipes such as this one!  Top it off with some chia seeds and it is more than satisfying!

Granola Bar Recipe

I made some granola bars with the Original Mighty Nut and my family and I all enjoyed them!  I just used honey, Original Mighty Nut, oats, vanilla, cinnamon and chocolate chips.  They were gobbled up in no time and so easy to make!

I did try rehydrating the Original and making a flourless peanut butter cookie and those did not come out so well.  Basically the recipe calls for peanut butter, one egg, and a sugar.  When I added the sugar the consistency changed so I added a little flour and baked it in a pan and then topped it off with melted chocolate chips.  It was a little spongy, but still a tasty combination.  In retrospect, I should have added some oats to thicken it back up and then bake it.  It would have had a heartier texture and closer to the granola bars that I had made. Nevertheless, you can’t go wrong with anything that has chocolate and peanut butter in the recipe!

My kids and I really liked the Chocolate Mighty Nut for dipping apples, pears and pretzels.  It was also a great addition to smoothies (see recipe below), hot cocoa and pancakes!  I just added a spoonful or two to my usual recipes and it added a nice amount of flavor and protein.  I think everyone liked that idea that they were eating something healthy and chocolatey!

The serving size is 2 Tbsp and there are 15 servings per 6.5oz container.  The calories range from 45-50 calories per serving and about 2g of fiber!  That makes me so excited to use it in place of regular peanut butter!  Minimal ingredients are added, like dried cane syrup and salt, and they are all gluten-free, vegan, non GMO (pending for the Vanilla flavor), Kosher and made in the USA.

Are you wondering how it is made?  I was definitely curious!  Basically, they take USA grown peanuts, roast them, and then press them to remove most of the fat.  What is left is the protein, fiber and flavor.  Even with the added cane syrup, there is only 2-3g of sugar per 2 Tbsp serving.

My Original Mighty Nut is long gone, but we are still enjoying the Chocolate Mighty Nut.  You can order them at mightynut.com and it is also available at Amazon and some grocery stores like Kroger and Albertsons.  There is a full list of retailers on their website.  On the Mighty Nut  website, they retail for $6.50 plus shipping and handling.

If you’re looking to curb some fat and eat fewer calories in your diet, this is a wonderful alternative to regular peanut butter.  All of the flavor and none of the guilt!  It is also a great product to bring along when you travel or go camping!  Very easy to use and much easier to pack without worrying about it leaking out, taking up too much space or having a jar break!


Fall Smoothie Recipe

1 Cup Almond of Soy Milk

1 Ripe Banana

1 Scoop of Chocolate Protein Powder

1-2 tsp pumpkin pie spice or cinnamon

2 Tbsp of Original or Chocolate Mighty Nut Powdered Peanut Butter

1 Cup of ice

2 tsp of Chia Seeds

Additional Cinnamon

Place all of the ingredients, except the ice and chia seeds, into a blender and blend until smooth.  Add 1 cup of ice, or more if you would like, and blend again.  Pour into your favorite glass, sprinkle with chia seeds and additional cinnamon.  Enjoy!

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  1. This is such an awesome blog post! I really enjoy the recipe you posted and would love to give it a try!

  2. I’ve wanted to attempt homemade granola bars but I’m such a horrible “cook” if I don’t have a recipe!

    1. Click below the pic for the recipe! Super easy and all you have to do is heat the honey, add the PB, cool and stir in the ingredients!! Super easy! I baked some of it as a granola too, without the chocolate chips. Super tasty!

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