A Review of TIUX

I really admire smaller companies that aspire to do big things!  I’m a practical person who doesn’t need thrills and frills, especially when it comes to my running and my recovery!  I have my tried and true favorites…some are pricey, stylish & worth it since they perform time after time and others are purely functional for me!

So, when I heard about this company called Tiux  I was really excited to try their product!  A graduated compression sock without the traditional retail markups! Only $35 for a pair of compression socks and they never charge for shipping!  Oh, and one more awesome thing…they donate 1% of their revenue to MAG (Mines Advisory Group) to help saves lives and protect communities from landmines, unexploded ordnance (UXO) and other weapons after conflict.  So, with every order, you’re helping men, women and children who are affected by such tragedies.

They keep their costs low by cutting out the middle men, distributors and by not having physical stores.  They care greatly about the quality of their product and use premium technical fabrics.  The second I pulled them from the stylish box they arrived in, I could tell they were of good quality! IMG_5826The color combo is bright and I love that because I love being visible while running for safety reasons!  I had to put them on right away and was a little surprised by how long they were.  Granted, I’m only 5’2″, so I’m used to things being long on me though.  The fit around my calves and ankles was great, though.  When you place your order, you base the size on your ankle and calf circumference, not on your shoe size like some other companies.IMG_5827

However, once I washed the socks and put them in
the dryer (which is not really recommended), they shrunk a little bit.  I also didn’t pull up on them as much when I put them on again and the length was better!  I love the feel of compression socks and these feel really good on tired legs!

I'm liking this extra support along the achilles!Since my race season ended last March, I’ve been battling some tendonitis in my soleus/achilles area and so the timing of these socks could not have been more perfect!  I’ve been running less trails and less elevation the last couple of months, but I am just now getting ready to pick it up again!  When I put on the socks, I noticed how there are changes in the fabric from the feet, which are nicely padded, to the achilles where there is a thicker cross section for added support, and also the band across the calf.  Everything about the support and the fit feels great!

I decided to take my new socks for a nice little test run on a nearby trail.  I was not only testing out the socks, but also my achilles area and foot which had been giving me some trouble.  I ran for about two hours with an elevation gain of about 2300 feet.  The run felt great, my socks felt so comfortable and I never had any discomfort in the achilles area!  Oh, and I might add that I received a lot of positive feedback on the socks!  Great for visibility as a runner…..check!

At the summit At the summit

During that first run, I got them a little dirty since it had recently rained and I was happy to see that they came out nice and clean once I washed and dried them. I love running clothes that are easy to care for and keep their original shape and color!


I took them out the following weekend for another test run up more mountainous trails, and again, they felt great during the entire run!  So good, that I didn’t take them off immediately after the run, either!  I think a few hikers recognized me from the week before because of my socks, too!  I ran/speed hiked up the trails for over four hours and my legs and feet felt great!  I think these socks would be perfect for some of my ultra runs and marathons coming up!


I really like these socks a lot and can’t think of anything I do not like.  The fit, the colors, the durability are all great! For me, they were a little long at first, but if you’re a taller individual you may really like this feature!  They are available in three different colors:  Predominately black, yellow, and pink.  All fun choices and great for either sex.  Hopefully they will be adding more colors or patterns to choose from in the future.

If you love compression socks, you won’t be disappointed!  They are a great product for a great price and who doesn’t love supporting a company that gives back!  These socks are perfect for training, recovering, traveling, or just looking really cool when you hit the gym!  Fun, affordable and good for the legs you love!


If you’re interested in buying a pair, use this code to save 10%


I was not paid to write this review for Tiux compression socks.  I was, however, given a pair to try out by the company!  As always, all opinions are my own!  Thank you for reading!! Happy running! IMG_5869