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School is back in session in this house!  I’ve got one starting 1st grade, a sophomore in high school and now one in college!  Wow!  They’ve all done so well adjusting back into their routine and seem happy to be reunited with friends and even a schedule!  I couldn’t be happier or more proud of these young people that I get to call my kids!

I realize that in order for my children to find success there are a few key things that need to be in order.  First, that schedule that was lacking over the summer months had to come back!  Once you find a schedule that works, you need a plan!  When you have a schedule or an outline of what your day should look like and a plan to follow, you should have a successful outcome in reaching your goals!

By having a routine or schedule, we know what is expected and that helps us figure out how we are going to manage our time.  My youngest still needs some help with this, but I’m so proud to say that my oldest has got this down!  He is managing work, college courses, social and family life.  However, my youngest knows that homework comes first before any video game time.  Do we bend a little?  Sure because we have a plan!  For example, yesterday he did half of his homework and he asked for a break.  I was reluctant at first, but decided to give him a 20 minute break while I got dinner started.  I set a timer…more for me since I knew I would lose track of time getting busy in the kitchen!  When the timer went off, he came right back to his homework and finished it before dinner.  I was really proud of him for doing that without any whining, etc.  He just got it done!  His reward was to have the rest of the evening to play and that was enough of a reward for him!

Seeing how well this works for them and how quickly they can adjust made me think about what my new schedule would look like now that they are back in school.  I needed to have a plan, as well! I have some big runs coming up in October that I’ve been training for and now that the kids are back in school, I can add more strength training in my routine plus a few more runs to get more weekly miles in!

My fitness routine is already scheduled around classes that I teach which definitely enhance my running!  For example, I ran five miles before teaching a cycling class today.  But, now that the kids are in school, that will allow me to add some weight lifting in the afternoon before I pick them up.  Running strong is always my goal!  So, I’ve just filled out my calendar with my workout plan and I didn’t leave out the rest days which are so often overlooked!  This is looking like a great plan!

Now that the running and weight workouts are scheduled and I feel like my plan is in place, I just have to listen to my body and see what more it needs.  Oh, I did stress the importance of bending a little now and then…so I’ve also penciled in some much need time for stretching and foam rolling!  All of this should help keep my body in balance and running strong!

I’m about six weeks out from my first race to kick off my running season!  Time to put in lots of effort and hope for a favorable outcome!  From there, I’ll know what I need to work on to improve my schedule and strategy for the races and runs that follow!

Now, it’s your turn!  Think about your goals!  Write them down!  Look at your daily lifestyle to create a schedule and a plan to make your fitness goals happen!!  Make fitness a priority by implementing a strategy, but always leave a little room to bend. That’s just the way life goes!

Strategize but don't be afraid to bend a little!
Strategize but don’t be afraid to bend a little!

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  1. Hello! I am interested in a R2R2R in 2016, and have wanted to reach out since listening to your interview with Another Mother Runner. No worries if you don’t have time/interest but I have a few basic questions I would love to ask.

    Are there groups that pick specific times, to complete the ‘run’ together? I’m trying to figure out how to coordinate, spring or fall. etc…

    1. Sure! You can email me at and I would also recommend following the R2R2R run! page on FB. Benedict Dugger has a wonderful forum open for questions and discussion and also has when some people have planned runs. I’m running with someone in October but would love to get another one planned for the spring!!

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