Always on the GO!

This summer is flying by so quickly!  Only a couple of more weeks left before the kids go back to school IMG_6888and our schedule once again gets crazy!  More driving, homework, making lunches, last-minute “I need this by tomorrow!”…it never seems to end!  My days usually start in the 4am hour with a run and teaching a class, or sometimes just one or the other.  I”m usually home just after 7am to see the kids off to school and back to work by 8 or 9 in the morning.  I have to stay somewhat organized to stay ahead of the game, which usually starts the night before.

I make lunches for the kids the night before and leave those ready to go in the fridge which saves time during the morning rush before school.  I also think ahead of my schedule and what I need to pack for myself.  Usually if I’m running and teaching a class or two, I get hungry!

You wouldn’t find my gym bag without a few healthy treats!  I love nutrition bars, like Quest Bars and Vega with good sources of protein.  I also prefer whey protein over soy protein isolate in my selections, but love Power Bars and Clif bars once in a while, too!  Bananas are the perfect “to go” snack, as well as edamame and apples.  I really love summer fruit and when it is out of season, I buy it frozen and just throw some in a container and let it thaw while I’m out.  Frozen cherries and mango are my favorites!

Over the weekend I also make some protein bars or balls to have ready to pack during the week, too.  I change it up by either using peanut butter or almond butter, and maybe add a “mix-in”,  I love chocolate, so I usually drizzle a little dark chocolate on top, mix in raw cacao, or add some chocolate chips on top.  This has made my kids “believers” in the protein balls.  They think it tastes like cookie dough!!

At home, what to do when in a rush and the family is hungry?  I always have chicken handy to throw into a quick meal at home.  Frozen veggies are quick to prepare and you can keep quite a stash handy in the freezer.  My kids and I love broccoli and it goes with so many meals!  Quinoa cooks quickly and there are so many options to mix into it to make it a savory side dish!  Yesterday I just added a little parmesan cheese shavings and it was a hit!

Eating healthy doesn’t have to be difficult, time-consuming or expensive if you just take the time to prepare!  You have to know what you and your family’s preferences are and just go from there!  I also love buying in bulk at the grocery store since you can experiment with different grains, legumes & rice.  Buying in bulk should also save you some money in the long run and it’s better for the environment!