Let the Games Begin!

IMG_7929  The Fitness Games!!IMG_7929

If you love fitness, being challenged and showing off your achievements, you should check out this new app called The Fitness Games.  It is perfect for all levels of fitness and even shows pictures and instructions on how to correctly perform the moves that are included in the workouts.  Are you guilty of taking a few gym selfies to show your progress?  Well,  you can throw a few of those in, too!  You think you’re pretty good at creating challenging workouts that others may want to try?  Go ahead and challenge your “workout partners”!  It’s all in the app!

You can download the basic app for free at the iTunes Store which includes 16 workouts.  Once you download it, you start off by creating your own profile with a picture and some basic information about yourself.  You can make it public or not, your choice.  I included my height, weight, favorite song and my workout philosophy.  However, the app kept changing my height and weight from what I entered.  Oh well, I guess I am closer to 5″1″ anyway!


Then you’ll want to connect with people you already know using the app, plus the app will “suggest” workout partners for you.  Once they “accept”, you can challenge each other or “like” their pictures on the “My Feed”.  It is very similar to Instagram or Facebook in that you can “like” and “comment” on the pictures they post.

As a Sweat Pink Ambassador, I was upgraded to the Platinum Version which included unlimited video posting, create your own workout feature, and the cardio category with live GPS capability.  You can upgrade from the basic app to the Premium Version for $0.99 and the Platinum Version costs $1.99.  There are also various workouts you can purchase in addition to the ones included in the app for $0.99 which target some areas with more intensity, like the “Shoulder Annihilation”.

Within the app, there are four categories of workouts:  Strength, Cardiovascular, Full Body and Cross Training.  I only tried out the Strength, Cardiovascular and Cross Training categories.  The workouts that are provided in both the strength and cross training workouts look great!  The Cross Training workouts also require very little equipment and are perfect for people not using a gym or working out at home.  Some of the workouts look like they would be ideal to do in a park since they may require some running and basic body weight exercises.

The first workouts I tried were from the Cross Training category called Body Weight Madness 1 & 3.  I loved them!  I workout quite a bit with my running, and teaching fitness classes but always enjoy a little extra challenge in my day.  Body Weight Madness was just what I need for a little extra kick in my day!  No equipment was necessary and it was quick.  For each exercise it lists the number of reps and if you click on the exercise, it shows you a picture with a full description of how the movement should be done correctly.  This is great for anyone who is new to fitness, or not so new.  I had never done a “single leg v-up leg bent” before, so I clicked on it for a description and now it is one of my new favorite moves!!


The only glitch I ran into when using this component was after starting the challenge and completing the challenge, you have two options to click on:  “Submit Challenge” or “Quit Challenge”.  Since I was done, I hit “Quit Challenge”, and it asked if I really wanted to quit since that would mean I would “lose” the challenge.  Oh no!  So then I hit “Submit” which must mean that I am done.  Then it asked if I wanted to make it “Public” where it would show up on the “Feed”.  I didn’t hit this one because I panicked and  I wondered if I had done every exercise listed and I wanted to go back, but my workout was gone…or so I thought!  Darn, I didn’t post it!! So I did the challenge again and posted it.  I later realized that the workout was still located in my “workout tracker”, so it wasn’t lost but I had lost the ability to post it.  Trial and error, the next time I wanted to do a workout and post it, I felt more comfortable doing so.

Body Weight Madness 3...Times Two!!
Body Weight Madness 3…times two!!

Figuring out a new app can be challenging at first, but this one really is user friendly once you get used to the lingo, how to post or comment on the feed.  However, a “notification” button may be needed to see when people comment on your posts or reply to your comments on the “My Feed” section.  I wasn’t sure if I needed to put down their “username” or just reply so I asked about it.  I was told to just “reply”, but when you do it is at the top of the comment feed not at the bottom, like most social media apps.  Again, just learning these little things take a little time and the more you use it, the easier it gets.

I love doing cardio and thought I would give that category a try, too.  You can choose from Running Outdoor, Running, Biking Outdoor, Biking, Swimming, Rowing, and Elliptical.  I chose biking and then I had to choose between regular cardio or interval, and then select a timed ride or distance. Since I was teaching a Spinning class, I chose timed. When I was done, I hit the button at the bottom which said Save Workout.  It then asked me the distance, which I didn’t check before getting off the bike and the monitor had already cleared.  Since I am the instructor, I rarely look at my performance since I am there for the class members. Well, there was no way to save the workout unless I plugged in a distance so I plugged in what my average distance is in an hour.  I guess it needed this information if I were to challenge someone to a 60 minute ride, but I wish there was a way around it if I just wanted to log the workout.

I am not one to carry my phone with me during my usual training runs during the week, so I just hit Running and I could select between a timed run or a run for distance.  I chose timed and just figured I would leave it in my car and submit it once I was done and back at my car.  What I learned on this day, was that my phone has to be on the whole time or it pauses the timer.  Well, if you have a newer iPhone, you better have a charger with you if you use it this way!


Later that week, I thought I would do an easy recovery ride on a bike and would time that workout.  Well, once the timer started, I couldn’t leave the screen or it would pause.  Bummer!  I usually check my social media accounts and e-mail while I do indoor cardio at the gym.  Oh well, I was caught up on the ESPN highlights and the Ray Rice suspension by the end of my ride thanks to the tv’s in the cardio room at the gym.  I was told this was corrected and I tried logging out and back in, but it still wouldn’t let me leave the workout on my phone.  This may be something they will correct soon, if not already.

Every time you complete a workout using this app, you accumulate points which show up on your profile.  At this time, I am on Level 2: Couch p….Potato?  I’ve accumulated 374 points and out of the “Rookie” class.  I’m not sure how many levels there are, but some of my workout partners are on Level 12.  I’m also not sure how many points you need to move up to the next level, but it is all a great incentive and the more you use it, the higher you’ll get!


All in all, this is great bargain app for all fitness levels.  You have a lot of options with very little, if any, equipment needed and if you choose to upgrade it will only cost you $0.99-$1.99, plus a little extra if you purchase some of the additional workouts.  Compared to the cost of a gym and a trainer, this is where this app is of value.  As a certified trainer and instructor who has been in this business for over 20 years, the workouts are safe and the instructions are thorough and easy to understand…with pictures!!

Also, as a trainer and instructor, I would love to get my clients to join in on the fun and get them going with some exciting little workout challenges.  This could also be useful when my clients travel but still want some workouts, or feedback, and I could make sure that they are being accountable.  Yes, this app is going to be a lot of fun and will certainly be helpful to many people wanting to get in better shape and improve their fitness level!

 IMG_7658 IMG_7657IMG_7659 IMG_7654

A little more Body Weight Madness Fun!!

This post was sponsored by The Fitness Games through my partnership with Fit Approach as a Sweat Pink Ambassador.  I was not compensated monetarily, but was provided with the Platinum Version of the application for review.  As always, my opinions are my own.