#ActiveLivingChallenge Recap

It is already known that we grow when we step outside of our comfort zones, but I also think it is important to take a moment and look back on that personal growth.  When we reflect on where our journey has taken us thus far, we can better figure out what is working or where more improvement is necessary.  This challenge only lasted three weeks, but it was truly refreshing to have been asked what my short and long term goals were, what makes me happy, what I did to work up a good sweat, and why I enjoy active living.

Some of these answers come more easily than others for me.  For example, I work up a good sweat just about seven days a week! Posting a picture of that is easy!!  However, when asked about my long-term goals…whew!! I’m at home just trying to finish up the laundry, schedule clients, pick up my son on time, pack lunches for tomorrow, make some time for my husband…basically just trying to make it through TODAY!!  So, I really had to stop for a moment and think about myself….whoa, what??  I can’t tell you the last time someone asked me about something so personal and then have me share it!!  When asked about my short-term goals, well, that wasn’t much easier for me either.  Why, you ask?  Well,  I guess I keep a lot of that very private and I am not a boastful person.  But, I gathered up the courage and I did it!  And you know what else?  It felt really good!!  I’ve dedicated a lot of time and energy in the things I love and I should share it more often.

I feel really lucky to have such a great and supportive network of friends and family both online and off.  They think I am both crazy and amazing!  (I think that there are truly more crazy and more amazing people out there and I always feel humbled and inspired by such people.)  The most important thing for me is just to keep all of the craziness in some sort of balance.  My family comes first and I love to see them happy and successful each and every day!  Keeping balance is never easy, but it is possible and it is definitely worth it!  I think we all are okay with a little “give and take”and our world keeps turning.  I’m always grateful for that.

I have learned that I should share my accomplishments more often and I should open up more about the direction I want to go in life.  I found out during this challenge just how many people found it “inspiring”!! I was really touched by that.  I have always liked the saying, “You’ll never get it if you don’t ask for it”,  and I’m learning how true this is and that it is okay for me to think of me sometimes!  


In the end, I think I really do “want it all” just like this tank from Lorna Jane Active Living says on it.  I love and live for new experiences and new places to travel.  I love working hard and playing hard.  I love time with my family, but enjoy just being with my friends sometimes. “Wanting more” may be what drives me, but, in the end I’m always content with what I have.  My family and I are all healthy, athletic, happy and surrounded by loved ones! We have a roof over our heads and more “stuff” than we really need.  It’s important to know the difference between our needs and our wants and where to draw that line realistically.  Each day will bring more challenges in balancing it all and to fit in active living.  When you can feel and see all of the happiness it brings, you know you’re doing it right.


So, before I wrote this post, I just want you to know that I went out for a second run to gather my thoughts and reflect on what active living has done for me in my life.  Calmness was settling in over the desert as it was cooling off and I was amazed by this beautiful sunset.  I kept thinking that it was just the perfect ending to a beautiful weekend and a really fun challenge!  About 5 minutes later, I tripped and fell.  Life is always humbling that way.  However, this challenge has really brought it to my attention that no matter what, I’ve always gotten myself up and going again!  That’s just what I did!  Dusted off the dirt, checked to see if anyone saw me fall, and kept on running! Of course, my 5 year old was amazed and impressed by my “owie”.  Yes, even super moms fall and get hurt, but that doesn’t stop us!!


Thank you Lorna Jane and Fit Approach for offering such a thought-provoking and FUN challenge!!


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  1. I am so proud to have you as my daughter. You do an “amazing” job with your “crazy” schedule! It is wonderful that you have learned how to balance your life and enjoy every minute of it. Family comes first as it should yet you enjoy everything you do and you bring so much joy to others because you are always looking up. I don’t think too many know how spiritual you are, but I do because I have watched you grow from a beautiful baby into a beautiful woman who sees our Lord in His creation and in all things. You are blessed and you bless others with your beautiful spirit. I love you!

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