#ActiveLivingDaily Week 2

What a busy week! Two of my three kids started school this week plus I had many volunteer responsibilities that I had to fit in. The daily challenges were a perfect time to reflect on what motivates me, how I fit it all in, and what my ultimate goals are. Sometimes, I am so busy just trying to get it all done for today, I forget to think about what I want to accomplish long term. I bet a lot of busy women forget to do this.

Luckily, my “real” job is in fitness, so fitting in a workout is not really the problem. However, I love running and also try to fit that into my busy schedule. Teaching fitness classes takes a lot of work and preparation. So, I enjoy “me” time workouts, too. People think it’s crazy when I say I need to go workout after teaching a couple of classes…but, I really do need it! I’m not thinking about anyone else’s needs, likes, or dislikes so it ends up being very relaxing…mentally!!

Nourishing our bodies with good food is so important to stay fueled and healthy for an active lifestyle!! When you eat well, you naturally feel better!! You’ll have more energy and more confidence! Nourishing out souls is also important!! Giving ourselves “me” time and allowing ourselves to relax and connect with our true needs is so important. We have a need for both this physical and mental nourishment.

I am grateful for having accepted this #activelivingchallenge because it is allowing me to tune into the many things I accomplish each day on so many levels. I feel beyond blessed to have health, security, fitness, good food, and amazing family and friends. I am content with my life, but always strive for improvement in all aspects. The best way to get started is to just believe. When I race I tell myself that I am a better runner than I think I am, when lifting weights that I am stronger than I think I am, when I am stressed about a deadline, that it will get done.

This past week helped me realize that I have accomplished many great things and that I have yet to reach my limit! I’m still moving forward, one step at a time and growing each day. This leaves me still smiling (like I’m up to something) and getting the most out of each day!!


Taking a look back and realizing how far you’ve come is sometimes the best thing we can do!! Appreciate the journey and the beauty it brings…

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