Recap of Week One #ActiveLivingChallenge

What a fun week!! One of my favorite things about a challenge is that it makes me more aware of all the amazing things I do to balance my life and take care of myself! It’s not just eating right, it’s not just exercising, but it is also taking time to enjoy the things that make me feel good. When I feel good, it’s easy to share that happiness with others. When I feel happy, inspiring others comes easy.

Active Living is a blessing and one I do not take for granted. As a personal trainer and group fitness instructor, I see how hard it is for others to get moving and to find something active that they enjoy and that is good for them. I can’t really explain how I can make it sound and look “so easy”, it just happens. I have never had a “bad” run or a “bad” workout. Have I “struggled”? Of course! I’ve run marathons where I didn’t think I could finish and I’ve had workouts that felt like they were never going to end!! However, I have learned that so much of what happens is mental. We all know to stay positive when the going gets tough, however, when I look back and reflect on what may have gone wrong… I tend to focus on what may have gone right. There is much to be learned from experience, whether it be nutrition or preparation. Besides, when things go wrong, I tend to look back on them and laugh…what else can one do? Those experiences are the ones forever etched in my brain and make for fun conversation during long runs!!

I’m looking forward to more daily challenges and staying aware of all the fun things I get to do to inspire others along the way!! It’s a great way to keep things fresh, especially not knowing what the challenge will be until the day of the challenge!! If nothing else, I’m getting better at the “selfie” thing!! See, there’s always a silver lining!!

What active living means to me...
What active living means to me…


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