#ActiveLivingChallenge Recap

It is already known that we grow when we step outside of our comfort zones, but I also think it is important to take a moment and look back on that personal growth. ¬†When we reflect on where our journey has taken us thus far, we can better figure out what is working or where… Continue reading #ActiveLivingChallenge Recap

#ActiveLivingDaily Week 2

What a busy week! Two of my three kids started school this week plus I had many volunteer responsibilities that I had to fit in. The daily challenges were a perfect time to reflect on what motivates me, how I fit it all in, and what my ultimate goals are. Sometimes, I am so busy… Continue reading #ActiveLivingDaily Week 2

Recap of Week One #ActiveLivingChallenge

What a fun week!! One of my favorite things about a challenge is that it makes me more aware of all the amazing things I do to balance my life and take care of myself! It’s not just eating right, it’s not just exercising, but it is also taking time to enjoy the things that… Continue reading Recap of Week One #ActiveLivingChallenge