The Importance of Protein & Recovery: Vega Review

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I’m always in search of ways to improve my fitness.  It’s one thing to go out and train hard, but it is important to remember that one gains fitness and strength during the recovery phase and recent studies show that protein is helpful in this process.  I feel privileged to now be a VIP for VEGA, a 100% plant based company that is geared for athletes.  I am not a vegetarian or vegan, but I can appreciate the fact that this company is 100% plant based!!

I received in the mail a box of chocolate peanut butter Vega Sport Protein Bars and a box of vanilla Vega Sport Recovery Protein powder packets, both geared for recovery.  I’m always on the go, so I first tried a bar after a 12 mile run.  I needed something quick to eat since I had to train a client, so the bar was perfect!  It’s…

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