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A Fresh Desire

Posted on April 1, 2011 by Ella Guru

Her trainer is helping her be fit, strong, healthy and happy

Toni Moore

Name: Toni Moore

Age: 52

Resides: Tucson

“I’m not done yet.”

Background: Toni Moore came to Tucson in 1985 to finish her degree at the U of A, and she and her husband loved it so much that they stayed. She worked for an astronomer for 15 years before becoming a high school math teacher. She was an active and average-sized child, but her activity level dropped when she became an adult, and she consistently gained weight.

The Challenge: “Like a lot of people, I turn to food for comfort, celebrations and just out of bored habit,” Moore says. “The combination of overeating and living a sedentary lifestyle was a hazardous mix. I tried to ignore it since I’d been fat most of my life and it seemed, mostly, normal. But in recent years my lifestyle had been slipping away. I could no longer deny my increasing difficulties in doing simple activities like climbing steps, picking things up off the floor and getting in and out of chairs.” In December of 2009, Moore weighed 390 pounds.

The Turning Point: “Pain was starting to become part of my everyday life,” Moore says. “I couldn’t stand because my feet hurt. I couldn’t sit because my legs would cramp up. I couldn’t lie down because pressure points hurt my joints. A lot of my initial motivation was to escape the pain.” She started working out at the Tucson Racquet and Fitness Club’s gym using various cardio machines following a weight lifting and exercise routine given to her by her personal trainer, Laura Swenson, who is one of the trainers in the Trainer’s Edge program at the club. “I owe every ounce I’ve lost to her,” she says. “She has always been 100 percent perfect in gauging what I could do.” Swenson helped Moore design a training and nutritional program that helped her complete the 40-mile segment of the El Tour de Tucson in November with a time of 3:34. In 14 months, Moore lost 160 pounds, and as her quote says, she’s not done yet.

Staying Motivated: “The results are what keep me motivated,” Moore says. “I feel unlocked. Everyday I feel better. I have more energy, less pain. I can do more, more easily. There simply isn’t any better motivation than that.”

Goals: “I want to hit my doctor’s recommended goal weight of 180 pounds,” Moore says. Now that she losing physical weight, she’s going to work on the emotional side of her obesity. “Now that I’m unlocked physically, I believe I can carry over the momentum of success and acceptance,” she says. “I want to live a life without self-imposed limits.”